Private Sector Resources

State GESPC Program Design and Policies

The links below connect to the most comprehensive source of information and policies in support of Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracting in states with an active Energy Services Coalition (ESC) Chapter. This information is managed by the ESC with assistance from individual ESC State Chapters. Established in 1999, the Energy Services Coalition is a public-private collaboration between the state energy programs, end-users, ESCOs and other interested parties working together in a unified voice to promote performance contracting and to overcome barriers to using performance contracting. Funding for this database of state programs and policies is provided by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy through a Cooperative Agreement (Award Number DE-EE0006784-0000)

  • Alabama (updated 2016)
  • Arizona (coming soon)
  • Arkansas (coming soon)
  • California (coming soon)
  • Colorado (updated 2016)
  • Delaware (updated 2017)
  • Florida (coming soon)
  • Georgia (updated 2016)
  • Kansas (coming soon)
  • Kentucky (updated 2016)
  • Louisiana (coming soon)
  • Maryland (coming soon)
  • Massachusetts (updated 2016)
  • Michigan (updated 2016)
  • Minnesota (updated 2016)
  • Mississippi (updated 2016)
  • Nebraska (coming soon)
  • Nevada (coming soon)
  • New Hampshire (updated 2017)
  • New Mexico (updated 2017)
  • New York (coming soon)
  • North Carolina (updated 2016)
  • Ohio (updated 2017)
  • Pennsylvania (coming soon)
  • South Carolina (coming soon)
  • Tennessee (coming soon)
  • Texas (coming soon)
  • Utah (updated 2017)
  • Vermont (coming soon)
  • Virginia (coming soon)
  • West Virginia (updated 2016)
  • Wyoming (coming soon)