Model Instruments


The document set assembled here was created as part of a complete package to guide and promote the standardization of instruments and processes that could assist in bringing the Energy Savings Performance Contracting industry to speed and scale.

They range from the original request for qualifications/proposals to establish a list of prequalified providers to the actual contracts for Investment Grade Audits and the implementation instrument.

In a study partly funded by DOE EERE OWIP, the Energy Services Coalition surveyed the states that were reporting the quickest pace of project implementation.  A comparison of the characteristics of those programs or “key attributes” clearly indicated that standardizing the terms and conditions, provider selection and evaluation tools eliminated different agencies or users from trying to understand the complexities of the instruments of varied sort that were being provided by the private sector stakeholders.  From those states came this set of template instruments and evaluation tools that are but a part of the totality of key attributes that are labeled by the Energy Services Coalition as Best Practices. 

By reviewing and approving for use common language, tools and instruments one time for applicability to the state, legality within the enabling legislation and conformance to each states programmatic particularities, projects were completed with less risk to the state, its agencies and patrons and more efficiently alleviating time consuming reviews by legal, finance and procurement authorities.

In their completed form set, the instruments become a singular contract governing projects (less the evaluation guides of course) from start to finish.
The instruments were created and distributed subject to continuous improvement and from time to time receive minor updates to incorporate emerging trends within the industry.

A critical element to satisfy procurement requirements while still encouraging industry creativity, attention to deep infrastructure comprehensive upgrades, implementation of emerging technologies is a section devoted to pricing.  While a placeholder table has been included in these files, the Energy Services Coalition will be convening a working group of public and private sector stakeholders to give deeper consideration into a final pricing model.