These resources include the most comprehensive catalog of information in support of GESPC programs and policies in states with an active Energy Services Coalition (ESC) Chapter. This information is managed by the ESC with assistance from individual ESC State Chapters. Funding for this database of state programs and policies is provided by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy through a Cooperative Agreement (Award Number DE-EE0006784-0000).

  • State by State GESPC Program Design and Policies – Listing of state programs and policies and links to state documents and websites. 
  • State Needs Assessment Analysis – Based on survey responses from 35 participating states this analysis provides insight into the trends for developing and maintaining programs throughout the country, and the states’ adoption and implementation of the ESC 10 Key Attributes of GESPC Program Readiness. (Surveys were conducted in 2016, 2017 and 2018).
  • ESPC Map of Dollar Investments – Race to the Top map of investment data per state. Map illustrates state and local GESPC projects by total dollars invested, dollars invested per capita, number of job years created, estimated annual source energy saved and estimated annual tons of carbon avoided.
  • Financing – The impact of Dodd-Frank as it relates to who can solicit financing, and who can advise on issues related to financing, is explained.
  • Model Instruments for ESPC – The document set assembled here was created as part of a complete package to guide and promote the standardization of contracting instruments and processes to assist in bringing the GESPC industry to speed and scale, including: RFPs to prequalify ESCOs, sample contracts, evaluation for ESCO selection, scoring spreadsheet, IGA audit contract, schedules, financing solicitation, and MOUs.
  • Other Websites – National links, state links, organizational links for buildings & staff