These resources represent a variety of insightful perspectives defining Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracting (GESPC) and the significant benefits that it can provide. These resources and tools focus on what the end-user needs and wants to know about GESPC. For more information on education and outreach in a specific state contact your local ESC Chapter. Local chapters provide an opportunity for a free and open exchange by individuals wanting to know more or share knowledge about GESPC.

  • Case Studies – A searchable database that offers a state by state collection of GESPC case studies. Searches are organized by states, ESCO, project title, market sector, technology, and financing source.
  • Find a Contractor – ESC membership directory is a searchable database that contains numerous categories including search features for Energy Services Companies (ESCOs), individual ESCO members, by states served, or state ESC chapter affiliation.
  • Submit a Request for Proposals – On-line form to post current RFPs.
  • Financing – The impact of Dodd-Frank as it relates to who can solicit financing, and who can advise on issues related to financing, is explained.
  • Job Calculator – Developed by the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility in consultation with the ESC, this template is a tool to track total number of job hours created performed by sub-contractors. 
  • GESPC Primer –  A power-point presentation that explores various aspects of GESPC and how it works. 
  • Legislation – ESC collection of state specific legislation and executive orders.