Green Performance Contracting

September 4, 2009 - 1:00 PM-2:00 PM ET
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How Can an Owner Achieve a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification?

  • Overview of LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance
  • Possible Project Scenarios: How to Get It All Done
  • Project Economics and Feasibility
  • USGBC Resources

In one sense, every performance contracting (PC) project improves the impact of building energy use on the environment by reducing energy waste and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore "green." However, the definition of "green" given in this presentation relates specifically to achieving a LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance certification. The question addressed will be: how can a performance contract help an owner achieve a LEED certification?

Overview of LEED-EB: O&M Credit categories and what credits can be impacted by PC project measures
We will review the prerequisites for certification as well as the five major credit categories. Some credits are more closely aligned to PC project measures than others. We will also look closely at project measures that can help achieve LEED requirements.

Possible project scenarios for LEED certification
We will review the possible combinations of ESCO and owner involvement in achieving the LEED credits needed for certification. Early assessment of LEED certification potential will allow project planners to determine the feasibility of certification. It may not be possible to include everything needed for certification in the PC contract. However, close coordination between ESCO and owner may facilitate a plan that leverages PC project resources.

Project economics and the feasibility of accomplishing additional credit requirements through PC
We will review the feasibility of what can be included in a PC contract to help accomplish additional LEED credits. A special focus will be on how to make an early assessment of potential energy performance improvements and what might be included in the project to achieve the minimum level of energy efficiency required by the rating system.

USGBC resources for owners and ESCOs
We will review the publications that are coming available from USGBC to help owners and ESCOs facilitate a LEED certification through a PC project. These include "A Paid-from-Savings Basics Guide" and "Green PC Technical Guide." These documents contain helpful tools for assessment, project development, and contracting.

Who should attend/view:

Anyone in the position to develop a performance contracting project or to educate and influence end-users to implement such projects - from the performance contracting industry or related businesses, state or local government end-users, and anyone interested in learning more about creative applications of performance contracting.

Presented by:

Robert N. Van Der Like, CSDP, CEM, LEED® AP

Rob Van Der Like has more than thirty years of experience in the building industry - planning, design, construction, project management, operations & maintenance, and energy management. His understanding of energy-related technologies and issues has enabled him to work on a wide range of projects, including significant field and analytical work on energy efficiency projects. He recently worked with the U.S. Green Building Council to develop a set of guides for public sector organizations and agencies on how to implement a broad range of sustainable and green building measures, in addition to energy and water utility cost savings, through approaches including performance contracting. A sampling of his other projects includes developing a state-wide guide for schools on how to commission new schools and how to assess commissioning requirements for new and existing schools; work with over a dozen school districts across the nation to help them achieve LEED certification for existing buildings, involving extensive training, assessment, and development of a project management program; and a variety of energy management programs. As a former facilities manager he was responsible for over 1000 structures, $30 million worth of design and construction projects, and an operations and maintenance budget of over $6 million per year. Rob's vast experience led him to an elected position on the Board of Directors of the Energy Services Coalition (ESC).

His academic and professional credentials include: M.S. Construction Management, Arizona State University; Bachelor of Design in Architecture, University of Florida; Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Association of Energy Engineers; LEED® Accredited Professional, U.S. Green Building Council.