The following are links to videos that have been produced as part of the Energy Services Coalition:

  • Welcome To The Energy Services Coalition
    August 2020
    The Energy Services Coalition is a public private partnership promoting the benefits of, providing education on, and serving as advocates for the widespread use of Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracting (GESPC) by state and local governments. Through the collaborative efforts and diverse knowledge of our public and private sector members, the ESC aims to make GESPC one of the primary means of increasing energy efficiency, modernizing infrastructure, enhancing resilience, and improving environmental quality. To learn more visit

  • Intro to eProject Buillder
    September 2020
    Many of you responsible for infrastructure have probably heard of eProject Builder, or ePB as it is commonly called. It has been around for a few years now but there are many that still don't know what it is all about. In this broadcast, the ESC will give you a quick tutorial of what eProject Builder is.

  • What is Performance Contracting
    This video segment shares a variety of insightful perspectives defining Energy Savings Performance Contracting and the significant benefits that it can provide. Filmed at the 2009 Tennessee Green Building Summit, this presentation provides a sample of the education and outreach provided by local Energy Services Coalition Chapter. Local chapters provide an opportunity for a free and open exchange by individuals wanting to know more or share knowledge about Energy Savings Performance Contracting. Contact your local chapter or a board member to learn more about the Energy Services Coalition.

  • Concepts and Fundamentals of Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracting
    This set of seven video clips was produced in 2010 and includes an introduction to the concepts and fundamentals of ESPC, an Executive Summary outlining some history and key benefits, a sharing of best practices and first hand accounts of success stories across an array of organizations that found benefit in infrastructure modernization through the redirection of utility budget dollars. Be sure to opt for full screen view for these clips.

  • Energy Smart Kansas
    This video was produced about the Kansas FCIP Program in early 2008s.  Still relevant.

  • Alternative Future
    This video was produced this about Kansas Efforts in 2002.