The Energy Services Coalition, in concert with the United States Department of Energy, extend support not only through the tools and form sets that have propelled the Energy Savings Performance Contracting industry forward but with the technical resources to help make your projects and programs a resounding success.

In this effort the Energy Services Coalition, under a Cooperative Agreement with the Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Office of Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs, combines the experiences and intellectual capital of a broad and diversified group of public and private stakeholders.

The Energy Services Coalition has long been a stalwart in bringing the programs, procedures, tools and resources to successfully support those who wished to use Energy Saving Performance Contracting to successfully achieve:

  • Infrastructure modernization
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Economic development - real jobs now
  • Long-term reduction in operating costs
  • Improved working and learning environments
  • National Security
  • Elimination of Deferred Maintenance lists

The collection of materials and tools in this section are available to assist you. But like most of us, if you’d like hands-on technical assistance with your strategy creation, or plan implementation to insure your success, contact us at

Program in a Box Lessons Learned (Report updated 2018)

The ESC’s “Program in a Box” resource section is rich in materials to help State Energy Offices improve and/or develop their GESPC program. This report is a sampling of lessons learned from the application of the “Program in a Box” materials and other resources available on the ESC website. This report was conducted in an effort to better understand how these materials are being used and the impact of their usage.

State Energy Needs Assessment

ESC Key Attributes for Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracting (GESPC) Program Readiness

Accelerated GESPC Initiative

Streamline the Procurement and Contracting Process

A Compendium of Lessons Learned

State Technical Assistance (Downloads)

Email your completed forms to

Jobs Calculator

  • Job Calculator .xlxs (Developed by the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility in consultation with the ESC)

Checklist for End-Users

Pre-recorded Webinars

Case Studies of how public entities have used Guaranteed Energy Saving Performance Contracting