Accelerating Energy Savings Performance Contracting Through Model Statewide Programs

The impact Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracting (GESPC) can have in advancing energy efficiency at the state and local government levels is tremendous as it delivers sustained, measurable reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and improves the economy. In 2006, the market for GESPC hit a record $3.6 billion, $2 billion of which was in the state and municipal government, university, school, and hospital markets. While a seemingly large number, this represents a fraction of the energy improvements needed in the national stock of state and local buildings.

For the above reasons the Energy Services Coalition - a non-profit organization dedicated to creating public-private partnership to overcome barriers to wider ESPC utilization - created the Accelerated GESPC initiative. The initiative was launched in 2007 with support from the U.S. Department of Energy, and in partnership with the National Association of Energy Services Companies, National Association of State Energy Officials, and National Conference of State Legislators. Following are suggestions on how to accelerate GESPC programs and information about the types of assistance provided under the initiative.

States Can Accelerate GESPC Implementation by:

  • Reviewing and ensuring effective legislation for GESPC program implementation
  • Establishing an GESPC point-of-contact in the State Energy Office or other appropriate state agency
  • Utilizing ESC services and web-based information to provide GESPC training and education
  • Facilitating meetings and concurrence on the state GESPC program by various state departments
  • Issuing an RFP to pre-qualify energy services companies
  • Establish a state ESC chapter or other public-private stakeholder group where State Energy Offices, energy services companies and others work in partnership
  • Adopt other GESPC program best practices identified by ESC

GESPC Best Practices

ESC's has identified a set of GESPC Best Practices and technical assistance in considering and adopting those practices is available to interested states. The GESPC Best Practices identified by ESC can be access by clicking here.

The Accelerated GESPC initiative and types of assistance available are described below

Assistance in Creating and Enhancing Statewide GESPC Programs
With support from the U.S. Department of Energy, the Energy Services Coalition (ESC) and its partners are assisting interested states in creating or expanding an GESPC stakeholder group in their state and working hand-in-hand with them to achieve results. The ultimate measurable successes of this public-private market transformation partnership includes: achieving cost savings and energy efficiency on infrastructure projects; increasing environmental stewardship through displacement of greenhouse gas emissions as a direct result of GESPC success; and expanding economic benefits through opportunities for local subcontractors, suppliers, and distribution networks. These results can be realized through collaborative efforts to establish or enhance statewide GESPC programs.

ESC is ready help your State by providing:

  1. A clear, streamlined path to statewide GESPC program implementation through several types of technical assistance, including:
    • Access to local experts through ESC state chapters to advise, on practices to meet individual state needs;
    • Access to no-cost ESC state technical support liaisons to assist in creating or expanding a statewide GESPC program;
    • Coordination of peer assistance from state personnel in other states who have implemented successful GESPC programs; and
    • Access to model contracts, RFPs, and other technical guidance materials.
  2. An education and outreach vehicle through the ESC website, which includes:
    • Training materials for clients at the state and local levels;
    • ESC chapter development support and presentation materials; and
    • ESC workshop planners and speakers.
  3. Access to best practices, metrics, and other GESPC tools, such as:
    • State GESPC success stories and approaches;
    • On-line state specific and national GESPC metrics;
    • ESC 5-Step Guide to implementing GESPC;
    • Model RFPs and other documents customized for your state

More Information and Assistance

For more information on how your state can benefit from an accelerated GESPC statewide program approach, please contact the Energy Services Coalition representatives below: