GESPC is a non-traditional procurement and finance process. A successful program will have developed and maintained GESPC specific processes and tools and will have garnered cooperative support among appropriate authorities of government. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Procurement and contracting expertise to ensure that the process follows applicable GESPC procurement rules;
  • Budget and finance to establish a means to repurpose the utility and operational savings budget dollars to repay the capital that funds the upfront construction; and
  • Legal expertise to develop a standard document set (RFQ, RFP, ESA, etc.) that recognizes that GESPC is substantially different from traditional public construction and that facilitates the development and implementation of GESPC projects.

(For new programs, the support of the appropriate authorities early in the process is important and can help speed up the delivery of project benefits.)

Following is ESC's recommended tool in support of this GESPC Key Attribute: