A complete set of well-vetted, pre-approved legal instruments, policies, protocols, and guidance are important to overcoming procurement and legal barriers and can provide significant risk mitigation for the public sector. Reviewing and approving common language for applicability to the state, legality within the enabling legislation and conformance to each state’s programmatic particularities, will also increase the speed of throughput and reduce the need for substantial legal review of the final project document.

  • In many states these pre-approved instruments are offered for use to local units of government.
  • For established programs, revisit the process and procurement/contracting documents, incorporating refinements and additions as needed.

Following are ESC's recommendation in support of this GESPC key attribute:

In 2014, the US Department of Energy commissioned a group of stakeholders to revise these document.  The revised documents are available on the DOE website and can be accessed by clicking here.