Successful programs have a key component of outreach and education delivered directly to the general marketplace. In many cases this outreach is provided through an Energy Services Coalition State Chapter of which the state program administrator and other public officials participate with private sector partners. This coalition of interested energy stakeholders fulfill a key role in having regional workshops, presentations, and other events that provide an educational forum on how the processes and procedures work within the state. Chapters also provide a forum for productive and open discussion, consensus development and in-service education amongst the public agencies, ESCOs, project financiers, other stakeholders and program clients.

ESC provides its State Chapters with many resources to facilitate energy savings performance contracting projects, energy efficiency improvements, and building upgrades including:

  • Education and Outreach Vehicle
  • Peer to Peer Information Exchange
  • Technical Assistance
  • Programmatic and Consensus Support
  • ESPC Best Practices
  • Model RFP, Contracts, and other Documents

Following is the ESC's recommended tools in support of this GESPC Key Attribute: