Pre-qualified providers insures that those delivering services to public agencies have already competed and demonstrated their experience, expertise and financial responsibility to support their performance and that of their savings guarantee. This pre-approved contractor list, endorsed by the state, will streamline the project selection process and increase the quality of projects. The pre-qualified providers list should include a contract executed by a legal authority of each party, that requires the provider to abide by the program's rules and to adhere to the guidelines of the state program as a condition of their participation.

Purchasing agreements can be extended to local units of government and in many states this list of providers, endorsed by the state, can help jumpstart local projects.

One competitive RFP issued at the state level for energy service companies relieves individual public entities of the task of issuing a solicitation, reviewing bids, and selecting an energy services company (ESCO) on a one-time each-time basis. The public entity requiring a facility improvement can completely by-pass this time consuming process by selecting from a list of state pre-approved ESCOs. Note: procurement codes differ from state-to-state; therefore a review of each individual state's procurement regulations must be made to insure legislative compliance before implementing this step.

Following is ESC's recommendation in support of this GESPC key attribute: